Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This peice will stay with me for quite some time, maybe forever. I was immediately seduced by Bogart's theory of art and time, it's unique relationship and delicasy of such a paradox. Bogart goes on to explore the function of art; to awaken what is asleep. When I read this, I see the awakening of one's imagination- one's wounds, memories, desires, even one's innerchild. Art displays something beyond the objective routine of day to day life and it's very fixed material presence of both the man made and nature. Art, is the awakening of what is asleep in us, most of the time, if not all the time. I just loved this, and being an artist myself- this resonates with me on so many levels, as I personally turn to art as a form of awakening and meditation.

Bogart speaks of subjective time vs. objective time, and in the "time" I have taken to read this piece I learned that I just might be lost, endlessly in subjective time, pondering Bogart's fact, I believe time is subjective in all cases, depending on your immersing surroundings. Some of Bogart's examples of this are...

"While sitting in a car at a stoplight...the time between the red and green lights can feel endless. Three minutes in a boxing rings is eternity."

And in the family of time, serving as the mothership of all that we percieve as "time", are the subsets of time that are personal, relational and collective.

"There are many aspects and subsets of time: the internal clock, the individual's fated time on earth, the changing times within relationships and endeavors, the timelessness of sleep and dreaming and the times to act and times to be still, breath time, responsiveness in time, and so on."

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of my response to Bogart's piece, in fact, if we are given a similar prompt for our Final Paper, as we were given for our mid-term, I have already decided I will more deeply engage myself in "Time"

What a stunning work; subjective, creative, right brained, intuitive....unique!

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