Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Creative Response to Time

Here's my creative response to Anne Bogart's Time.


Age is the number of years one has been living life. In some cultures when you are born you add a year. It is denoted by the number of candles you put on your birthday cake. After ten, there are too many to count. In numerology, age is important component to compute your fortune.

Currently, we are in the age of Aquarius. We are in the age of global communication and technical innovation. We are in the age where battles are still fought over religion and in the name of peace.

Age is the wear and tear on paintings in the Louvre. The weathered and worn marble statues in the Colosseum. The flasks uncovered in ruins once held wine that was aged to perfection. Wheels of sharp chedder cheese ages for months on shelves. Soybeans ferment in covered pots. The roots and rings on a tree tells its age and history. Wrinkles on a human face tell us their age and the journeys of their lives.


  1. I thought this idea was unique and clever. It seems unfinished, but I'm sure if you extended it it would have a great message.

  2. I feel this was both an analytical response and a fantastic personal rendition of Bogart's style. You brought about your own examples of time, aside from Bogart's material- an extension of this endlessly subjective exploration of "time"

    Great response.

  3. This was a fantastic reworking of the original piece. You managed to work with a similar structure, but make the overall finished product your own with your own voice. I thought this was a very well written response.


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