Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Response to Dream Song 14

Customers, people, are stupid. While you are
one of them, you must
agree. When the kitchen buzz quiets with
Ajax-laced abruptness, we too
quiet, and no longer wish to see
you. My mother says "a job

is a job." Thanks Ma. But she's right.
Waitress. That is a job.
A job where people
with rose-pinned noses see me
and think

I am the stupid one. And these
people with their ugly children and shocking
etiquette overstay
and eat
and booze
leaving behind: their ugly child.
Please, take him.

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  1. ha! I thought this was hilarious. I really liked your line breaks and how the end is sort of abrupt. It coincided with the theme of a fast pace job. bravo!


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