Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Setup

"I didn't kill him."
"I know."
"We need to find somewhere to hide, the police are going to come looking for me soon enough."
"Where do you suggest?"
"Do you have an office? Somwhere?"
"Yeah... uh, we can't go there."
"Why not?"
"Uh... renovating."
"Fuck. Ok, we're going to Bunker Hill. Why are you helping me?"
"Let's just say we have mutual friends."

About an hour later, they had arrived.

"This is perfect."
"Listen, I just need to call my boyfriend and tell him I'll be home late."
"No. No phone calls. How do I know I can trust you?"
"You have no choice."


"Let me just call my boyfriend. He'll be worried. And who knows, you could have another charge against you. Kidnapping."
"I've never kidnapped anyone."
"I'll just be a second."

About fifteen minutes after the call, the police had arrived, and he was going to jail for the murder of his wife.

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