Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anna in the Tropics

This play was definitely one of the best I have ever read. There were so many words and sentences that I had to underline because of Cruz's rich writing. He sure knows how to write in layers and make the readers think as much as possible. I especially liked the part in the beginning where Conchita talks to Marela about changing destiny. "That's how witches get started - with brown sugar. Then they begin to play with fire. Look at what happened to Rosario, she put a spell on her lover and the man died. And not only did she lose her man; she's gone to hell herself" (15). This quote reminds me of how my mom tells me not to be superstitious. I found it hilarious and entertaining.

I also enjoyed the strange relationships in the play and the way the characters feel about love. One reading brought on so many suspicions between Conchita and Palomo. Conchita accuses her husband then and there for having a mistress, and finds herself a man to have an affair with. "You don't make love to me like you used to" (35), Conchita complains. Her husband knows that the book Juan Julian is reading to them will ruin their marriage.

I really enjoyed this play, especially after recently reading "Waiting for Godot", and totally HATING it. :)

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