Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anna and the Tropics

Didn't you just love the way Marela would go off on dreams?
She made me dreamy...

"Marela: No, everything in life dreams. A bicycle dreams of becoming a boy, an umbrella dreams of becoming the rain, a pearl dreams of becoming a woman, and a chair dreams of becoming a gazelle and running back to the forest.

Ofelia: But, my child, people like us... We have to remember to keep our feet on the ground and stay living inside our shoes and not have lofty illusions."

(pg. 30)


I dreamt once of becoming a dew drop
It was a surprisingly short process.
My molecules
each one
turning lighter and soft

Till i was a dew drop.

Then the sun came
from behind that short hill.
and I rose to the sky.

To the clouds.

To the stars.

The moon never looked so bright,
the earth,
never so small.
never so far away.

Then I cried,
a dew drop star.
For my love was far below,
and i was being pulled.
towards the sun.
so hot.
so hot.


  1. "I dreamt once of becoming a dew drop.It was a surprisingly short process." this line captures so much its hard to start. There are so many question. Dreams are meant to be strange and epic, but dreaming of becoming a dew drop is quite weird. And the fact that you insinuate it is a short process make your claim creditable. With a phrase like that you seem to see the strange world you have created through every angle.


  2. "For my love was far below, and I was being pulled. Gravitating towards the sun." In some ways this resembles Conchita to me. She feels guilty for betraying Palomo but can't resist being pulled toward Juan Julian. Nice poem.

  3. That quote by Marle about everything dreaming stood out to me too. I thought it was fascinating to think of a bike wanting to be a boy or an umbrella wanting to be rain. Your poem, I feel, is able to capture that feeling of the quote quite nicely.

  4. Your poem made me feel like I was taking a journey with this little dew drop. It was that sort of "be anything" feeling that Marela was talking about.

  5. I like your opening line about it being a short process as well. I also liked the parallel of the dew drop with the star, which look very similar but could not be more different in essence.

  6. You capture Marela's dreaminess and also her loss of innocence after she's raped (I assume...) by Cheche in the end. Nice

  7. I love the end. "so hot, so hot". very dramatic without saying much.

  8. This... I just really enjoy this poem. I thought you made it simple but in doing so I felt you captured so much.


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